Why Refresh?

We are convinced there’s a longing out there for more interaction in Bible study, more of a connection than that which comes by filling in blank lines and checking boxes. We know that the real story combined with real-life questions brings real hope.

So we want to give you choices on how you can interact with this material ─on your terms; and because we know that you are busy, we wanted to develop a tool that would meet your needs, giving you a little more flexibility and creativity in how you can connect with God and each other.

Refresh Features:
  • Each of the ten different stories in Refresh can be read individually or collectively. If you are a group leader and want some ideas of how to best use Refresh with your group click here.

  • Each story comes with a set of five application tools:

    • Point of Connection is a devotional type of tool, with Scripture and guiding questions, allowing you to use the story as a springboard into your own life.

    • Digging Deeper can take you to the next level, providing more biblical applications to chew on and consider for your individual needs and circumstances.

    • Tryin’ It provides concrete exercises where you can experiment in your own life with some of the ideas explored.

    • Mix It Up includes group-related exercises that will help leaders who are facilitating this material in either a large or small group. Ideas are provided to help participants connect experientially. Several ideas are included with each story so you have several to choose from.

    • Multiply It is a set of group discussion questions. This will help groups process the material together and provide a guide for the discussion. Th e questions also can be considered as journaling questions for those of you who are working the material on your own.

      ***You will also discover in the application sections some additional features.***

    • Infusion shares perspectives from older women who have “been there” and learned some life lessons along the way. These thoughts provide wisdom to draw from regardless of how young or old we are. We have also provided book lists to consider on different topics along with additional thoughts, checklists, and quizzes to take to help you reflect and connect.

    • In Living Color shares additional, shorter stories.
Here’s what some women are saying about Refresh:

"Refresh is a perfect balance of real life stories, scripture, and thoughtful, deep-reaching exercises. I was able to look my personal issues from different perspectives, and by taking my time and truthfully answering the questions, kick through my blockades squarely at the base. The best part of all was that I felt safely accompanied every step of the way by my tender, gentle God, and at the same time, by my group of cherished friends."

- Susan Rampson

"i was surprised how Refresh drew me in! Reading about courageous every day women sharing the victories they've experienced instead of staying stuck in their pain or circumstances was more than inspirational! The questions and exercises at the end of each section provided a practical way for me to make my walk with Christ more genuine and intimate."

- Cori Hill

"I have been looking for a good Bible Study that will take me deeper and address some of the issues that I have been struggling with during this season of my life. I have found that resource in Refresh. I love the combination of real stories, relevant Bible verses, penetrating questions and soft suggestions for making change. If I am too tired to do anything else after a long day of work, kids and service, I can still open Refresh and read something, even for five minutes, that will draw me closer to God."

- Susan Merriman

"Powerful. Encouraging. Real. These stories touched my life at a very deep level, and I found the applications to be something I could really use and apply to my life."

- Sharla Jackson

" When I opened Refresh I was really tired and thinking I will have to read this tomorrow...then I thought, I'll just read a few sentences and see what the feel of this is....10 pages later I sat there riveted. I wondered, where am I in this story? I was not only compelled to keep reading but to also look deeper at my insides. And as I read it was as if someone delicately turned the light on some dark places in my life and then gently reminded me that my God is tender and loving and desires to take the darkness out of those places and bring in the Light."

- Cathy Pluimmer

"I loved this format for Bible Study! It was so refreshing and engaging, relevant to my real life instead of something abstract and distant. I felt God tug my heart, nudge me to consider some things that I knew He wanted me to look at. I felt challenged and encouraged at the same time."

- Sami Bookout

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