Real Women, Real Life, and Real Hope
Each of us has a unique life story—a story filled with moments of courage, hope, joy, pain, and more.

Why don’t we tell our story more?
Often our stories are left untold because we are embarrassed and don’t want to be judged when our stories are messy and do not fit imaginary, perfect lives. Some of us wish our life stories were different. Or more “important.” The culture of surface-ism in which we live also keeps us from opening up to one another. In many gatherings, including churches, women who look “good” on the surface are stuck within the confines of shallow sharing. In reality, most of us who appear to have it all together actually do or have struggled through major life issues. The adage “Never judge a book by its cover” applies.

Your story is worth telling!
We believe that beneath the surface of every woman’s appearance are moments of courage, hope, pain, joy, and more—but we simply do not experience enough opportunities to share safely about our lives. Our stories get held hostage in our hearts’ silent shame. But there is a truth we need to embrace: Our stories are worth telling!

Your Story

We believe God wants to speak you through your story & the story of other women
Refresh is a tool to help women embrace their story & seek God’s heart and help in the midst of the journey

Share your story with us!
One of our favorite things is to get to hear about what God is up to in the lives of women across ages, denominations, geographic places & cultures. Use the form below to send us an email letting us know a little bit more about the story God is telling in you.

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