Longing for a new depth and connection with God?

Are you tired of feeling like you can never finish a Bible study?

Do you want more hope for your life, your future?

Missing connection with other women?

Do you feel stuck and desire freedom & peace in the midst of your life?

then Refresh could be for YOU!

Refresh is a unique & interactive Bible Study tool for women across ages, denominations, life experiences, and spiritual journeys. It is a diverse mix of a real women’s life stories & experiences mixed with experiential exercises & devotional tools to help women dig deeper in their relationship with God, others , and themselves. In a flexible magazine format, Refresh can be used individually or in a large or small women’s group.


Here’s what women are saying about Refresh...

"Refresh is a perfect balance of real life stories, scripture, and thoughtful, deep-reaching exercises.”

"I was surprised how Refresh drew me in!

"When I opened Refresh I was really tired and thinking I will have to read this tomorrow...then I thought, I'll just read a few sentences and see what the feel of this is....10 pages later I sat there riveted. I wondered, where am I in this story?"

Our hope for you...

We hope as you dig into Refresh you feel less alone and more encouraged in your life story. We also hope you experience a new and stirring depth in your relationship with God as well as others in your life. We pray that through Refresh God will water you with His truth and you are able to lean further into the story He is telling in your life!


some women's resources that support refresh:



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